Check back on Jan. 25th, 2017 for a full listing of Summer Camp offerings for children ages 3-10. Use the links below to check out our past offerings for each age level.

Age 3 | Ages 4-5 | Ages 6-10 (1st-4th grade)

Half day options start at $300/week and full day options begin at $385/week. If you have any questions, contact Kandyce Woods or Moriah Garrity at summer@nnms.org.


Please note that three-year-old campers must be starting the NNM 3-6 program this fall. Campers ages 4+ from outside learning communities are welcome.

Bambini Camp
Develop skills for next steps in school: confidence, independence, community. Bambini Camp, formerly for ages 4-5 only, now gives 3-year-olds the opportunity to benefit from a multi-age experience. Inspired by the foundational concepts of Montessori education and led by professional, summer-round counselors, 3-year-olds practice being in community with others, engage in fun activities and experience time outdoors. Exciting activities include:

    • Open House the Friday before your child’s first week to visit camp and meet counselors
    • Creative, hands-on crafts in our Artists’ Workshop
      Outdoor water play in sprinklers (3-year-old Bambini campers are not eligible for pool swim)
    • Healthy mid-morning snack
    • Daily outdoor play
    • Weekly special performances, from puppet shows to magicians
    • Lunch options available for purchase (full-day campers only)
    • Afternoon nap included (full-day campers only)

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AGES 4-5

img_3423Bambini Camp
Develop skills for the next steps in school: confidence, independence, community. Join us for a fun-filled summer of swimming, crafting and playing in the sunshine. Professional, summer-round counselors foster a nurturing environment at our popular program for preschoolers. The addition of 3-year-old children gives all campers an opportunity to benefit from a multi-age experience.Exciting activities include:

  • Open House the Friday before your child’s first week to visit camp and meet counselors
  • Creative, hands-on crafts in our Artists’ Workshop
    Outdoor water play in sprinklers (3-year-old Bambini campers are not eligible for pool swim)
  • Healthy mid-morning snack
  • Daily outdoor play
  • Weekly special performances, from puppet shows to magicians
  • Lunch options available for purchase (full-day campers only)
  • Afternoon nap included (full-day campers only)

Clay Makers16spclaymakers3
Each week students will transform a simple ball of clay using a different theme for inspiration. Campers learn the careful craft of ceramics in a fun, supportive and engaging environment. There’s no limit other than a camper’s imagination as they create mugs, dishes, masks or rattles. Be prepared to explore clay techniques and be amazed at what can be created. Finished work will be available to take home two weeks after camp ends.

Dance in Motion
Leap, spin, pas de bourrée! Learn and practice the building blocks of multiple dance traditions, from the five positions of ballet to simple jazz steps. Each day includes a brief lesson, group activities and stretching. Body control, core strength and active movement are key in this dynamic camp. Kate brings years of classroom, ballet and yoga instruction to NNM and creates an atmosphere of creativity and companionship.

Let’s Get Moving
Run, spin, jump! Designed for the active camper, this series expands upon skill, coordination and confidence through a variety of sports and group games. Every day begins with a warm-up that leads to several activity stations to keep things moving fast and fun. New activities are introduced each week, alongside classic favorites. Sign up for all weeks or just one. Let’s move! Instructor John Dickson leads gross motor development after-school activities at NNM during the school year. Watch a clip of the group here.

Little Farmersimg_6793
With a sunhat and trowel, it’s time for learning and fun in the garden! Central to this exciting camp series is the Farmessori, our urban farm a few blocks’ walk from campus. From the plant life cycle to the role of garden animals to basic nutrition, campers play games, sing songs and put their hands to work in the earth with our very own Farmer Joe. Campers taste the fruits of their labor as they harvest what the farm offers and learn basics of food preparation as they create healthy snacks to enjoy.

Making Musical Instruments16spmmi
Our world is full of materials that can create sounds, from art supplies to household objects. Each day of this exciting new program is dedicated to a section of the orchestra. Dalia introduces students to a classical instrument and then students build their own instruments together in an environment of innovation and hands-on fun. Active movement is key as campers have opportunities to explore their new instruments and create sounds. Finish the week with a collaborative performance opportunity.

Music of the World
What are musical traditions from around the world and who inspired them? Language, song and stories from different countries are introduced each day, from Russian folk music to Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring. Built around composition, campers have the opportunity to explore dance, art, games and even sample healthy food from different traditions.

Rhythm of the Body: Let’s Move!
Sing, listen, move! Inspired by the Kodály method of musical education, this exciting new camp engages walking, running, marching and clapping as integral to learning rhythmic patterns and notation. Concepts are introduced in developmentally appropriate sequence so that campers are engaged, active and eager for more. Using music from around the world as inspiration, campers also have time for free dance and creative movement of their own.

Spanish Adventure
¡Hablo español! Sing, dance, create – this camp is perfect for beginners as well as students who speak Spanish at home. Each morning begins with Spanish language games and books. Campers then transition to dynamic learning activities designed to introduce Spanish vocabulary and strengthen understanding of the cultures and traditions of the Spanish-speaking world. From making salsa to dancing salsa, libros (books) to lotería (bingo), your camper will have a fun-filled aventura! In addition to working with NNM students during the school year, Rose teaches Spanish at Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten and is a certified English Language Learner (ELL) teacher trained in the studio arts.

Stomp and Sing: Create Your Score
Create musical sounds–with non-traditional instruments! Contemporary music produces new sounds that are interesting to the ear and like nothing heard before. Campers move their bodies to the beat and design their own rhythms as Dalia introduces concepts such as the musical staff, narrative and the importance of pauses. Children also have ample time to pursue artistic endeavors inspired by the innovative music. Culminate the week of fun and learning by creating a unique score!
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AGES 6-10 (entering grades 1-4)

Chicago Explorers100_2415
Grab your walking shoes and hop aboard the CTA for five days of high-energy fun! Splash at the beach, sample foods from around the world and learn about the history of our vibrant city with Chicago Explorers. Developed and led by NNM faculty, Chicago Explorers fosters independence, confidence and a sense of awe about the world around us. Campers use public transit, with lots of walking each day. All camps are for children entering grades 1-4 in the fall and run Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm. Children who attend schools outside of NNM are encouraged to join the fun! Children swim in our indoor pool on days when the travel schedule allows. Chicago Explorer camps include:

  • 16spactiveActive: Cheer, jump, run! From visiting a landmark sports arena to practicing action stunts with a professional circus performer, campers join for five days of high-energy fun and learning. Campers invent their own games, too, and venture to our city’s parks to try them out! Jesse returns to classic sites and explores new ways to stay active in our busy city.
  • Architecture: Investigate Chicago’s world-famous architecture with popular camp staff Jesse and Sarah. From a double decker bus downtown to a boat excursion on the Chicago River to visiting hidden gems in quieter neighborhoods, campers experience a city that made its mark with innovation and beauty.
  • sp16beaches-onlineBeaches: Sun and surf, friends and laughter are key in this week of the ultimate summer pastime. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the many beautiful beaches our city boasts! Each day is a new adventure as campers gather their swimsuit, towel and plenty of games for recreational time at five unique beaches.
  • Foodies: Ravioli – Pierogi – Kreplach – Wonton – Dim Sum! What do these words have in common? Learn about the origins and unique flavors of each of these dumplings from around the world. Restaurants and outdoor picnics are just the beginning as campers join Jesse and Sarah to see and taste what Chicago neighborhoods have to offer.
  • 16spgeocaching2onlineGeoCaching: Latitude 41° 52’ 13.249”, Longitude 87° 39’ 51.339”–do you know what’s at this location? With a GPS in hand, campers explore the city for hidden treasurers. Visit www.geocaching.com to learn more about this exciting international phenomenon. Teamwork, new experiences and friendly competition are key to this exciting camp. Learn about Chicago’s neighborhoods and design new keepsakes to bury for the next adventurer. Back by popular demand!
  • Math: There’s math all around us, from patterns of nature to urban architecture to construction and sailing of ships, even in physical activities. Dive into these concepts and more with new and exciting math adventures. Explore the places and spaces in which math creates our exciting world, from the Chicago Architecture Foundation to Parade of Sail at Navy Pier to many more.
  • Nature: Discover the flora and fauna of our bustling city, from the Morton Arboretum in the west to Northerly Island in the East. From an urban nature preserve to a vibrant beach, there’s no limit to the variety of landscapes campers experience. Enjoy fun and games in the sunshine, and learn about the science of nature, too!
  • Performing Arts: Campers explore the performing arts in our city, from spoken art and found poetry to creative movement and theatrical dance. Experience the art of different neighborhoods and draw cultural connections between our city and the world.

Animation Stationsp16animationstation
Ever wonder how movies like “Frankenweenie,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Wallace and Gromit” are made? Join Janeen for four full days of fun learning the art of stop-motion animation. Create, script, storyboard and animate characters from the world around us to build a story, just like in the movies. Learn more about Janeen’s technology programs here.

Bits and Bytes: Kids Can Code
Join Janeen for five full days of exploring the art and science of writing computer code. Sample a variety of hands-on experiences to understand the idea of cause and effect across physical and digital realms. Campers work with the latest apps and programs to solve puzzles, create stories and design games. Learn more about Janeen’s technology programs here.

Farm to Table
Harvest, prepare, enjoy! Learn the art of food preparation under the guidance of NNM’s own Matt Jenkins, experienced chef and urban farmer. Visit the Farmessori, our urban farm, to source fresh produce and learn about the farm-to-table process. Cook up new and exciting meals in the community kitchen and bring home samples and recipes for the entire family to enjoy. Lessons in food preparation and basic nutrition are central to this exciting camp. In addition to working with NNM students during the school year, Matt is also a culinary instructor at Common Threads, an organization fostering personal empowerment through healthy food practices.

Lego RoboticsDSCF2726
Grab your engineer’s cap and join Janeen for five full days of building everything from simple machines to programmable, autonomous robots. Science, technology, math and plain old fun are the groundwork in this camp where campers build with WeDo robotics and other technologies. Learn more about Janeen’s technology programs here.

Making Movies
Learn the ins and outs of filmmaking, from camera angles to special effects techniques. With a production team of peers, students write a script and build their concept into a shot-by-shot storyboard. Using their own acting skills and Apple Creative Suite, students create videos and memories to last a lifetime.

16spscienceadventuresonlineScience Adventures
Mix, measure, tinker, create! In this exciting new series, campers gather for five days of experiments in the science lab. Every day features new adventures, from favorite reactive recipes like baking soda and vinegar to tracking insects at NNM’s urban farm. Children explore their way through a variety of projects in the physical and natural sciences, with opportunities for art, active movement and collaboration along the way. Sign up for one week or all three of high-energy fun and learning!

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